List of Ph.D. Scholars and Respective Supervisor/Co-supervisor

S.NName of StudentsResearch TitleSupervisors/Co-SupervisorsRemarks
1Dr. Dil Kumar LimbuEffect of human induced disturbances of high altitude Himalayan rangelands in proposed protected area Tinjure Milke Jaljale of Eastern NepalProf. Dr. Madan Koirala/Dr. Zhanhuan Shang, Lanzhau University, ChinaAwarded
2Dr. Narayan Prasad GaireClimate trend and tree line dynamics in the Nepal HimalayaProf Dr. Madan Koirala/Dr. Dinesh Raj BhujuAwarded
3Dr. Prabina RanaClimate and altitudinal impacts of Rhododendron campanulatum D. Don and its endophytic assemblage at tree line ecotone, Nepal HimalayaProf. Dr. Madan Koirala, Dr. Dinesh Raj Bhuju/ Dr. Chuenchit BoonchirdAwarded
4Dr. Roshan SherchanAssessing the effectiveness of mountain conservation policy and practices to improve the livelihoods of indigenous Tamang peopleProf. Dr. Kedar Rijal/ Dr. Siddhartha Bajra BajracharyaAwarded
5Dr. Suman Man ShresthaHeavy metal contamination in groundwater resources of the Kathmandu ValleyProf. Dr. Kedar Rijal/Prof. Dr. Megh Raj PokhrelAwarded
6Dr. Ananta Ram BhandariAssessment of ecosystem services in Panchase protection forest, NepalDr. Udhab Raj Khadka/ Dr. Keshav Raj KannelAwarded
7Dr. Krishna Bahadur BhujelFire-induced carbon emission from Sal (Shorea robusta) dominated mixed tropical broad-leaved forest of NepalProf. Dr. Rejina Maskey Byanju/ Dr. Ambika GautamAwarded
8Dr. Hem Raj RegmiFood security in the context of climate change: statistical modelling of the three ecological belts of the mid-western NepalProf. Dr. Kedar Rijal/ Dr. Ganesh Raj JoshiAwarded
9Dr. Bhupendra DasEmission inventory of Nepal air pollutants for effective air quality managementProf. Dr. Rejina Maskey Byanju/ Dr. Prakash BhaveAwarded
10Dr. Rita SinghWater availability and river health under future scenarios in Himalayan watershedProf. Dr. Sadhana Pradhanang Kayastha/ Prof. Dr. Bishnu Prasad PandeyAwarded
11Mr. Bharat P. BhandariCharacterization of landslide hazard in the sub-Himalayan zone of NepalDr. Subodh DhakalOngoing
12Mr. Ashok BaniyaImpact assessments of hydropower development on aquatic indicator species in Trishuli and Marsyangdi river basinsProf. Dr. Chhatra Mani SharmaOngoing
13Mr. Binaya JoshiImpact of climate change variability in crop production and adaptation strategies in agriculture sectorProf. Dr. Kedar Rijal/ Dr. Ramesh Prasad SapkotaOngoing
14Mr. Buddhi Ram KumalPesticides-Induced contamination in vegetables, soil and water in Kavrepalanchowk and Dhading districts of NepalProf. Dr. Udhab Raj KhadkaOngoing
15Ms. Deepa PradhanRainfall-runoff and flood vulnerability under climate and landscape change in central HimalayaDr. Sudeep Thakuri/ Dr. Dibas ShresthaOngoing
16Mr. Govinda SharmaEffects of air pollution on apiculture in Thimphu district, BhutanProf. Dr. Rejina Maskey Byanju/ Dr. Tulsi GurungOngoing
17Mr. Jaya Ram KhaijuHydrological dynamics and water stress in hilly regions of Nepal using geospatial techniques and modellingDr. Sudeep ThakuriOngoing
18Mr. Tapil Prakash RaiDistribution, conservation and management of endangered testudines to foster survivability from lowland region in Southeast-NepalProf. Dr. Udhab Raj Khadka/ Prof. Dr. Hermann Schleich/ Prof. Dr. Kaluram Khambu RaiOngoing
19Mr. Youb Raj BhattaRoad safety in Nepal: effective interventions in reducing road traffic accidents and environmental pollutionProf. Dr. Kedar Rijal/ Dr. Ramesh Raj PantOngoing
20Mr. Rakesh Kumar YadavEffectiveness of fish ladders for Migratory fish in Nepal as a Mitigation of Hydropower Impacts on Aquatic BiodiversityDr. Deep Narayan Shah/ Prof. Dr. Roshan Man BajracharyaOngoing
21Ms. Hasana ShresthaUse of ow cast sensor coupled with remote sensing for PM2.5 estimation in the urban centers of NepalProf. Dr. Rejina Maskey
22Mr. Indu Bikram JoshiStudy on antibiotic residue and antibiotic resistance bacteria in fecal sludge, pharmaceutical industries effluent, hospital sewage, common treatment plantProf. Dr. Rejina Maskey
23Ms. Shakti GurungEcosystem and community resilience towards climate-induced disasters in Annapurna Conservation Area Region, Gandaki Province, NepalProf. Dr. Udhab Raj KhadkaOngoing
24Mr. Prakash TimilsinaDisturbance and restoration in adjoining forests of lowland protected areas in NepalProf. Dr. Chhatra Mani Sharma/ Dr. Ramesh Prasad SapkotaOngoing
25Ms. Prativa KaspalHabitat resilience and conservation threats to pangolin (Manis spp.) in NepalDr. Sudeep Thakuri/ Dr. Narayan Prasad KojuOngoing
26Ms. Sabina Thapa RautPlant diversity and productivity in relation to soil quality in forest systems in mid-hills of NepalDr. Ramesh Prasad SapkotaOngoing
27Ms. Mangaleswori DhonjuUrban water pollution and assessment tool development: A case study of the Sirsiya RiverProf. Dr Rejina Maskey
Byanju/ Dr. Deep Narayan Shah
28Mr. Subash DuwadiCascading hydrological hazards in the Himalayan range: A case study from Melamchi Watershed in central NepalProf. Dr. Danda Pani AdhikariOngoing
29Ms. Samjhana Kawan Responses of large wading bird to habitat quality and complexity of farmland of Lumbini, NepalDr. Ramesh Prasad SapkotaOngoing
30Mr. Dhan Bahadur TamangStudy on environmental policies of Nepal in the perspectives of environmental pollution
Dr. Indira Parajuli; Prof. Dr. Kedar Rijal
31Ms. Smrity BhattaraiEcosystem services and impact of anthropogenic activities along the Kankai Mai River of Eastern NepalProf. Dr. Udhab Raj KhadkaOngoing
32Mr. Tirtha Raj PanthiClimate change impacts on major cereal crops production in Sudur- Paschim Province NepalProf. Dr. Kedar RijalOngoing