On the special occasion of World Environment Day (WED) 2021, 18th batch students of the Central Department of Environmental Science had organized a virtual program with the theme “Ecosystem Restoration”. The professors, faculty members, teaching assistants & students of CDES had participated in the program on 4th June 2021. 

The virtual program was started with a short introduction & program highlights by Ms. Archana Shrestha, followed by a welcome speech by Ms. Sarala Adhikari. Prof. Dr. Chhatra Mani Sharma & Prof. Dr. Kedar Rijal continued the program with remarks that made the program fruitful & informative. There were two presentations by Dr. Deep N. Shah on “Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration” and by Dr. Ramesh Pd. Sapkota on “Forest Ecosystem Restoration in Nepal”. Similarly, there was a poster presentation by Ms. Aakriti Adhikari on “Ecological Restoration and its urgency in Nepal”. The poems by Mr. Mahesh Pd. Awasthi and Mr. Bishal Banskota were very striking, which highlighted the major environmental issues in the present context. An exciting environmental quiz was one of the attractions of the program facilitated by Mr. Mahendra Pd. Uprety which was more enjoyable. The video presentation by Ms. Nisha Neupane was very informative and inspiring, highlighting the importance of wetland services and the immediate need for their restoration. The remarks from our special guest Prof. Dr. Madan Koirala, about the restoration of the ecosystem and the roles of young scientists toward the conservation of nature, were greatly valued to this program. Finally, Prof. Dr. Rejina Maskey Byanju concluded the program by emphasizing our role & responsibility towards awareness dissemination among the public about issues related to the environment & emphasis on environmentally friendly development. The webinar was a complete package of informative discussion along with amusement activity.